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Modular Construction

Emkay Modular Buildings designs and manufactures advanced modular buildings for a range of industries both public and private. As one of the few direct manufacturers in the modular construction industry Emkay eliminates the considerable costs associated with selling through a dealership network by selling direct to our customers.

The Emkay Modular Building modular construction method creates significant cost savings and quickly produces buildings in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction. The controlled environment and efficient construction cost strategies Emkay employs typically result in cost savings less than conventional construction. Our production efficiency, combined with our manufacturing environment that eliminates weather related delays, allows us to complete projects in a much faster pace.

Modular systems
Modular systems

Creating tailor-made modular building solutions.

EMKAY’s Modular Building Division provides complete turnkey and commercial building solutions. We can provide permanent or semi-permanent buildings for accommodation, high quality offices, fully equipped kitchens and canteen facilities. We can also provide recreation buildings, clinics and support infrastructure like power generation, water treatment and air conditioning systems.

The building structure is based on light gauge cold-formed steel frames which accommodates almost any style of building and is far superior in quality over brick or wood construction. The wall units are pre-assembled under factory conditions, then delivered and erected on site.

This results in the following key benefits:

  • Extremely fast and efficient installation process reducing the on-site construction time by as much as 70% over traditional methods.
  • Significant improvements in quality of the finished product over traditional construction methods.
  • Significant improvements of the building’s thermal and sound insulation resulting in substantial reductions in AC cooling requirements, thereby reducing operating costs.
  • Overall cost reduction of the completed building of approximately 25% compared with traditional construction methods.
  • The system is much lighter than traditional construction methods and thus reduces the foundation loads, ensuring considerable savings in foundation cost.
  • The physical and chemical performance of LG steel is much higher than traditional structural styles.
  • Through the construction flexibility of the system we can offer almost limitless interior design possibilities and customer requirements can be fully accommodated.
Modular system



14th Floor, Unit 1407 - 09 Prism Tower

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